Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Straight "from the horses mouth"

hey everyone,
i passed a good day today this week has been amazing but today just topped it off today one of the men i haved baptised was called as the second counselor in the bishops office i was so happy and he came gave me a big huge and told me thank you for helping out his family and him he says hes never been so happy in his life and also today while he was thanking me i had an investigator right next to me and he says he wants to baptised too 32 years old has been looking for a church his whole life that is true and now hes says he has found it and will be baptised next sunday this week has been awesome. a week never to forget.
and people never to forget
Love Elder Somerville
We love him and can not believe the has been out for almost a year now Good Job Bro...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Coincidence!

As some of you know my parents have gotten a new foreign exchange student, BUT the cool thing is that it's all inner-twined with Brazil. 7 years ago my family opened there doors for the first time to Rodolfo he was a fun Brazil student eager to learn English and have fun with the Somervilles. It was a great experience. Funny how things work out that my mother has kept in touch with that family and then Tyler get the call to their home town in Brazil. Also my parents got the opportunity open their home to yet another young Brazil student the younger brother of Rodolfo, Hugo. My mother talked to Hugos' mother and she says to my mother "you take care of my son and I will take care of yours". Funny how it all works out that the youngest of my family is there and the youngest of theirs is here. They both have mothers to watch out for them and the lord is guiding them both the whole time. My mom also says "that there is no coincidence's in life that it is all gods plan."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun photos

So much has happened

So last time I left you Tyler had not left the mission home. We he has now been in the field for 6 months and he is doing wonderful. He sends small emails home each week and I thought well I will just put them together a couple at a time now I have a ton to catch you all up on.
He was sent to California as a holding place in the field till his visa came through. It was a great sort experience for him but made him ready for Brazil. He has done very well and was struggling with the language for a while but when I talked to him on mothers day he said that it was getting easer and easer. He also so said that he was even thinking in Portuguese. Here is a story he sent my mom that has made his experience so for so enjoyable.
Hey we had a baptism this week she is 10 years old, this is a cool story ok. We have been working alot with this family the whole family we thought was baptized, good family, they have this son igor that loves me so much and we use there computer to send emails and stuff. They are all baptised and but there daughter is not the moms real daughter its her step daughter and she has 2 little sisters missionaries have tried to baptise them but the real mom would always say no but the step daughter is a twin and she has a brother that went on a mission and the mom opened her heart let us in and let us baptise the sisters family of the members it was awesome that we could help this family. Now her real mom is coming to church to and we have been teaching her it awesome! We have been praying for help to find more baptisms and yesterday we had bishop call us he said that one lady that has been coming to church and isnt a member. We talked with her and she wants to be baptized. We will baptize her on saturday along with this family we will be baptising 4 on saturday awesome amazing experience.
This was dated May 17th
He had a birthday and we sent him a box but it has yet to get to him. I know that even when we have talked to him he is growing up so much. Same old Tyler with a hint of responsibility. We are so proud of his accomplishments so far and he is looking forward to maybe soon making district leader on his next transfer.
I hope to keep you all more informed better for now on thanks for fallowing.
Crystal Somerville Bills .as you can see he looks great.....!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trials of a Elder

So last time we posted Tyler was sick in the MTC and not much more has gotten better. He got over the swine flu then not much longer he came down with pneumonia need less to say he has been one sick missionary. The visas are rolling in slowly and he hopes to have his soon but not to soon. After he got feeling a little better he went to play some basket ball on P day (on the 5th of Dec.) and well he ended up breaking his ankle and is now he is in a walking boot for one more week. He has told us that he hopes to be out of the mission home Jan 6th but we don't know where? He of course misses us all and says to send photos all the time. He said Tues night L Tom Perry and Elder Anderson spoke to the missionary's for Christmas it was "DOPE" (in Tylers words lol) He also so says FELIZ NATAL to all, which is Merry Christmas in Portuguese. I will try harder to keep all posted on his progress.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still Sick

Well in all letters and info we have received from Tyler says he is still sick he has pneumonia. He has had a hard time breathing and his heart beat is irregular but besides that he has been inspired. Spite him being sick he is still growing in so many ways.
He told my mom a story that will blow your mind he said " One day I was heading down some stairs and past some fellow elders I said Hi and walked on by but as I walked on by I felt like I should go back I continued down the stairs but the feeling became stronger so I went back. I asked them if every thing was ok they said yes, but I knew there was something so I asked again is everything ok? then I looked at the Elder and said disbelieving your beliefs, you are missing your parents you are missing your girl you want to go home and then he said how did you know i said the spirit told me and you need to stay here you have important work to do I went back up to see if he was ok and his companion pulled me a side and said I was an answer to his prayers he was praying for someone to come help his companion to tell him he was a good missionary and that he was here for a reason I was so astonished. Then elder N. came and said thank you for making him realize and bring his hopes up again that he was thankful that if it were not for me he was going to go home tomorrow and now he is staying and I told him don't thank me thank god because I was just the messenger. Then he said if you didn't listen to him he would have been gone and this experience was the most powerful thing I have ever felt I am so glad I can listen to the spirit and to do what is right I love and I know everything will be ok."
So now you know how much he is growing we know he is in the right place and time and just hope he will get better soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elder Somerville

Elder Tyler Somerville left for the missionary training center (MTC) on Oct. 27th 2009. He was called to the Recife Brazil Mission. This blog will keep everyone updated on his progress.
So far he is doing great EXCEPT for a five day bout of Swine Flu courtesy of his new little niece Dani, he spent 5 days in isolation were he said "he was board to tears" the only thing he could do there was sleep study and watch conference addresses on T.V. . He also complained that the food was bad so Crystal sent him munchie baskets and pumpkin pie to lift his spirits.
He has explained to us all that he WILL be following all the rules to insure returning with HONOR. He has told us that he has been made a senior champion because of his obedience to the rules and we are all very proud.