Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Straight "from the horses mouth"

hey everyone,
i passed a good day today this week has been amazing but today just topped it off today one of the men i haved baptised was called as the second counselor in the bishops office i was so happy and he came gave me a big huge and told me thank you for helping out his family and him he says hes never been so happy in his life and also today while he was thanking me i had an investigator right next to me and he says he wants to baptised too 32 years old has been looking for a church his whole life that is true and now hes says he has found it and will be baptised next sunday this week has been awesome. a week never to forget.
and people never to forget
Love Elder Somerville
We love him and can not believe the has been out for almost a year now Good Job Bro...

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